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venerdì 30 gennaio 2015

Good Night Macho Pride 2015

We are the collective of GNMP-2015 festival organizinganarcha-feminist meeting in central Ukraine taking place from 17 to 23 April.
The main focus of this year will be solidarity and mutual support between anarcha-feminist groups, sharing experiences and ideas. We aim to support cooperation between people by overcoming linguistic and national boundaries.
There are going to be lectures, workshops, discussions, collective presentations and exchange of regional contexts in the program. The program will be formed together by organizers and participants of the festival. We are open to suggestions.

The festival was established in 2012. Comrades from Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Russia, Germany, Sweden, Finland etc. participated in previous meetings. This year we hope to host people from even more regions and contexts.
Over the past years we have received a lot of feedback and suggestions to improve the content and logistics activities that we try to take into account in the preparation of GNMP-2015.
For example, this year the festival will last 7 days, because in previous years, despite diversity of program, many activities could not be conducted due to lack of time.
We are working hard to create the most comfortable and safe environment and help everyone who is interested to take part in the camp, so that neither economical problems, nor borders can stop us.

To do this, we need to get answers to these questions:
1. Your name (nick-name) and preferred pronoun
2. Who can vouch for you? (for security reasons, please specify the contact to a trusted person among people the organizers may know personally / who participated in the previous GNMP / who is a part of an anarchist or anarcha-fem collective, that, in your opinion, the organizers can get in touch with)
3. Which country are you from?
4. Is Russian and / or English suitable for you as the working language for the meeting?
5. What workshops / trainings / discussions are you interested to take part in?
6. What workshops / trainings / discussions are you able to give?
7. All the food at the meeting will be 100% vegan, but do you have other needs related to food?
8. Do you have any special requirements concerning accommodation?
9. Are you planning to come with children? (we need to know whether there will be participants with children and at what age, to arrange space and leisure for them, if necessary, so that parents can participate in events)

We are looking forward to see people of different genders, who share anarchist values.
For reasons related to logistics (organization of accommodation and meals), and since we are limited in resources, organizers need to know in advance the number of people willing to take part in the meeting.
So if you are interested and want (plan) to come and take part at GNMP-2015, please contact us by e-mail gnmp2015(at) before February 15, but preferably as soon as possible.

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Élisée Reclus
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